Walk the talk

Walk the talk

Walk the talk

“Walk the talk” is a phrase normally used when someone backs up his or her talk with action. The phrase means to actually do as one said they would do, and to be consistent with the words and actions. My group and I often use this phrase to mean practice what we preach (Harvey & Lucia, 1995). The group uses it as an opposing side of a hypocrite.

However, the phrase is commonly used when one back up or proves what they said with action, and to represent words with action. The group normally uses this phrase in the communication to urge each other to own up to their words and deliver their promises. As a group, there had been several instances where an individual would promise the others to do something, but fail to deliver in the end.

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Having known the origin of the phrase, it is clear that we will retain the usage and application in our communications. The origin of the phrase shows that people even in the past did not account for their words, and the phrase was used to encourage them to own up and deliver their promises.

It is still in our interest to keep using the phrase amongst us to ensure we remind ourselves the importance of keeping our words, and doing as we say (Baldoni & Harvey, 2002).

Baldoni, J., & Harvey, E. L. (2002). 180 ways to walk the motivation talk: Proven and practical
“how-tos” to energize everyone in your organization. Dallas, Tex: Walk the

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