Walgreens, and the pharmaceutical industry

Walgreens, and the pharmaceutical industry

Walgreens, and the pharmaceutical industry

Walgreen Co., jointly with its subsidiaries, runs the largest pharmacy network in the U.S with net sales of around $72.2 billion in fiscal 2013. The company offers its customers proper access channels to acquire consumer services and goods, health, pharmacy, and wellness services in various states in America.

They provide their services and product through drugstores, in addition to, by online and telephone.Walgreens operates in all 50 states in the US, in 8,582 locations. The company is composed of 8,116 drugstores countrywide, which represents 186 more compared to a year ago.

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Walgreens also runs worksite wellness and health centers, respiratory services facilities and infusion, specialty drugstores and mail facilities. The pharmacy industry continues to be highly competitive, competing with other drugstore networks, independent pharmacies, and mail service providers.Walgreens is a frontrunner in the industry. It is already steadily established phone, and internet prescription-filling systems are way ahead of its competitors.

This accessibility by the customers permits them to get a significant market share. Moreover, being a leading company in the healthcare industry permits them to fortify their worldwide markets and scare away smaller competitors. Walgreens is a primary provider of injectable and oral specialty medications.


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