W.L. Gore & Associates Inc

W.L. Gore & Associates Inc

W.L. Gore & Associates Inc

W.L. Gore & Associates Inc. is a company with a very unique corporate culture that is based on few policies and procedures and one that does not have defined working hours for its employees. The associates have adopted the teamwork approach where they get to agree on individual working time and because of their commitment they also explain when they are going to be away because of family commitments because the associates are fair to one another.

The employees ensure they attend all meetings through video conferencing and conference calls. In this way, they do not get to miss the meetings and they contribute towards the growth of the company.

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The teamwork approach is a good idea that other companies can adopt. The approach is very essential to the company because teamwork enhances employee relationship in an organization. Teamwork also enables employees to address any challenges or issues that arise in an organization together and faster. The best approach that other organizations can borrow is the leadership selection procedure.

A leader is selected based on the special knowledge, skills and experience that move the business objective forward. Employees shall, therefore, be motivated to generate ideas and knowledge that the business can implement which results in the successful performance of the business while the worker is motivated and has had fun too.

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