Voice over IP

Voice over IP

Voice over IP

Voice over IP is used to refer to transmission of a two-way voice through the internet in real time. Some of the advantages of this techniques over the traditional phones are that in VoIP all channels are transmitted over a single connection on the internet while traditional phones require carrier lines for each gadget.

VoIP is cost saving as most features such as Caller ID, conferencing, call waiting are free while in traditional phones it is available at a cost. VoIP will only require software upgrades while traditional phone will require both hardware additions and provision of new carrier lines.

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Jitters, the variation in call delays, causes production of unusual sound effects during the conversation between the participants. Packet loss affects VoIP calls in the sense that it reduces the call quality; the quality of the conversation’s sound.

Quality of Service is important for VoIP as it ensures the quality on IP networks is great. It does this by separating the voice data over IP traffics from normal traffic; higher priority is given to data which decreases the limitations discussed in the previous paragraph like delays and jitters.

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