Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency has been recognized in clinical health as a pandemic as majority of people in modern day fail to appreciate that the sun’s moderate exposure is necessary for both adults and the children. Majority of adults make the assumption that it is mandatory for children only and thus explains some disorders associated with them.

However, most individuals are familiar with the vitamins role in assisting the body absorb minerals such as calcium from the diets as well prevent rickets in children. Recently, studies indicate that it is crucial as it helps protect the body from a variety of diseases.

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There are individuals who tend to suffer from hypothyroidism among other bone related illnesses and it is extremely important that they expose themselves to the sun as required by the physicians so as to have adequate vitamin  as well as sunlight exposure (Lips, 490).

Conclusively, deficiency of vitamin D does not necessarily have obvious symptoms, and it is equally important that a person perform a vitamin D test to ensure they are not running low on the vitamin. Lack of vitamin D may expose an individual to even more serious illnesses, and it is appropriate for an individual to modify the diet with foods that contain vitamin D as well as safely increasing the sunlight exposure.

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