Visual Analysis Essay

Visual Analysis Essay

Visual Analysis Essay

When I look at this Image, I perceive a wild form of creativity and fun beyond measure. The photo photographed in the 1920s a period in history when the ladies in their 20s were defying all the social odds and breaking conventional norms to have fun. Referred to as the ‘flappers’. The flappers were the urban, young single and the middle-class ladies. The majority held jobs in almost every sector. The 1920 faced a time when the majority of the young men were involved in the World War I, and so the ladies had to step up to fill the shoes left by them in the economy (Margulies & Phillip, 2004).

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Women and men alike enjoy the freedom to do as they wish as but should not obstruct other people’s rights. There would also be sections of individuals who would interpret the photo as a case of ladies that are about to commit suicide. They look as though they have a death wish upon them, and so some may disregard the significance of the message passed by the photo.

Allen, & Frederick L., (1931). Only Yesterday: An Informal History of the 1920s. New York:
Harper & Row.

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