Violent Video Games and Empathy

Violent Video Games and Empathy

Violent Video Games and Empathy

Video games are a very crucial instrument that provide people with information and promote socialization, despite incidences of increased violence and aggressiveness in the short and long run among young viewers. This paper seeks to analyze the positive impact of video games and how they promote socialization and assist people to empathize with other people in the society.

According to Rigby and Ryan, excessive playing of video games contributes to unhealthy outcomes among children resulting in isolation, development of gender stereotypes and increased aggressive behaviors. Sound and graphics in video games influence children’s attitudes, behavior, and belief more than another form of media entertainment. Violent video games include Grand Theft, Doom, and other games that feature violent graphics. According to the researcher, there is a higher correlation between video games and aggressive behavior among young women in the US as revealed by studies conducted (Rigby & Ryan, 2011).

Shwalb, Nakazawa & Shwalb assert that video games contribute toward indifference and insensitivity to violence. Violent graphics featured in some video games disoriented children to violence behaviors in the real life.

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Most of the video games require multiple participations as a team to succeed make it in the game, enhancing players’ social skills and emotion control skills. Some of the video games are developed to serve as emotion regulators.

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