Violent Criminal Psychopaths

Violent Criminal Psychopaths

Violent Criminal Psychopaths.

Contrary to public perception, violent criminal psychopaths are not common in the society. Estimates indicate that only one percent of the human population is psychopathic (Smith, 2012). Within this one percent, only a small portion are associated with violent criminal behaviour.

Several psychopaths coexist normally with other individuals and show no traits of violent criminal behaviour. Therefore, violent criminal psychopaths form a small portion of the society.

The acts of criminal psychopaths mislead the public into believing they are more than they actually are. These acts often involve extreme inhumane behaviour characterised by aspects such as serial murder, organ harvesting and sexual assault.

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psychopaths responsible legally for their crimes. In several cases, psychopaths receive similar if not worse sentences than their non-psychopathic criminals. The law establishes that psychopathy alone is not a valid ground upon which an individual’s responsibility on their crimes is removed. Moreover, the fact that psychopathic criminals are aware of their behaviours makes them legally responsible for their actions.

There are other factors that make courts hold psychopathic criminals responsible for their actions. The first is their desire to inflict harm. They commit crimes with the sole intention of receiving satisfaction from the suffering of others.

This results in courts holding them responsible for their actions. A major factor is the chances of recidivism among psychopathic criminals. Setting them free results in s re-occurrence of criminal behaviour. This leads courts to give psychopaths harsher sentences than other offenders.


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