Violence in Traditional Societies

Violence in Traditional Societies

Violence in Traditional Societies.

Violence in Traditional Societies: Through decades, different traditional societies have sought ways to solve various human problems. It becomes the only solution especially if the different parties in disagreement do not come into a consensus.

It was also used in the traditional societies as a way of discipline. Children and women always fall victims of violence. Conflicts that could cause violence among the societies included: land conflicts, raiding cattle, competition for wives, male mucho domination, some barbaric concepts of power, harsh parenting and many others.

In this article, we will go through some violence acts that seem to matter to the societies that commit them and see them as normal conduct. It will also give an opinion of these acts and try to find out any actions that seem normal to the American people but other cultures may think of them as violent.

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or illegally owned, the court does not recognize this as domestic violence. According to other cultures or countries, domestic violence is any form of physical assault from either of the spouses or family members.

This is an example of special behaviors in the US that seem normal to them but in other culture perspective, it qualifies as a form of violence. Violence in traditional societies was present and common especially among the men.

They were require to show their fierceness frequently in their families, villages and wars between villages. This article has summarized incidences that shows violence, where they seem normal to the societies that practice them.

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