Views on when Life Begins and their Implications on Abortion

Views on when Life Begins and their Implications on Abortion

Views on when Life Begins and their Implications on Abortion.

Views on when Life Begins and their Implications on Abortion: Induced abortion has been for long a contentious issue among people with different beliefs. Although abortion is described as the deliberate termination of pregnancy for whatever reason, some groups of people disagree on whether it should be legally allowed.

The validity of the argument is basically placed on the time during which life begins, since killing as explained as the termination of life is against humanitarian rights as well as illegal in all jurisdictions. Moreover, all cultures consider killing as unethical.

Christians and seculars have different dimensions pertaining when life begins, thereby creating a difference in the argument for or against abortion. Christians believe that life begins at conception. Once the sperm fuses with the ovum to make the zygote,

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This implies that the choice to abort is generally available, and people can freely execute it (Baird & Rosenbaum, 2001). Personally, I feel that abortion should not be practice. Abortion leads to intentionally hurting an innocent life, which is unethical.

It should not be employed as another method of contraception since it violates an innocent baby’s rights. Instead, other methods should be used to prevent the woman from conceiving.

Moreover, abortion can lead to medical complications, especially when carried out unprofessionally. Psychological stress and pain also result from abortion. This could lead to much regret. As a result, abortion should be completely avoided.


Baird, R. M., & Rosenbaum, S. E. (2001). The ethics of abortion: Pro-life vs. pro-choice.   Amherst, N.Y: Prometheus Books.

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