View of Moral Work

View of Moral Work

View of Moral Work

Individuals make decisions on what is proper conduct in the course of their work depending on their personal values and the moral expectations of the work place. In the case of human services, the workers in these fields of work are greatly in influence by these competing views. Individuals think about their work related actions. Influenced by their personal values and the specific moral expectations of the human service jobs they are engaged in.

The workers therefore are in control by feelings about right and wrong. As well as the set out professional code of conduct by which they must abide (Anheier, 2014).. These factors have more influence on the service provider than philosophy and theoretical approaches in the larger organization. This conflict can be shown by a doctor who may personally feel that the patient’s choice of treatment is not the best one. But according to the code of ethics he must respect the patient’s rights, freedom and autonomy.

On the other hand, the philosophy and theoretical approach of an organization is to play some influence on the direct services provider. This is through its influence on the overall organizational direction. The organizational philosophy and theoretical approach helps to plan and set out the organizations overall goals and objectives (McShane & Glinow, 2015).

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The individual service provider will however be more influenced by considerations. These considerations are such as personal values and professional moral codes and ethics above philosophy and theoretical approaches. This is especially so because in this area, the service provider can directly witness the effects of their work from the satisfaction or lack of the same from their clients.

Anheier, H. K. (2014). Nonprofit Organizations: An Introduction: Theory, Management, Policy. Routledge.

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