Victorian Post Mortem Photography

Victorian Post Mortem Photography

Victorian Post Mortem Photography.

Victorian post mortem photography was a custom prevalent in Europe and to some extent United States. It was a culture where people used to pose for photographs with their deceased loved ones for memory purposes.

This was a way through which families could mourn and accept the loss of their loved ones. Remembrance encouraged the practice of post mortem photography since most people especially infants and young adults were photographed together with their family members to keep their memories alive.

The term “Victorian” refers to the prevalent practice in the era of Queen Victoria.  “Post mortem photography” is a practice of photography where photos of the deceased are taken.

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had gone before us. To some extent they are use to scare people, but at the same time they still depict what was meant for post mortem photography.

Even though post mortem photography was majorly attribute with the Victorian era when people used to pose with corps literally. Today people still practice this through video recordings, taking of poet mortem pictures with our justice systems, the use methods such as tattoos printed on our skin, graffiti painted on our cars and walls, images and pictures of the dead in their graves as well as statues.

We are not running away from death and post mortem photography, but we are only distancing ourselves with death while adopting other ways to remember the departed ones.

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