Viability of electric cars

Viability of Electric Cars

Viability of electric cars

Viability of electric cars: The environmental degradation has led many individuals, corporate organizations as well as government to initiate ‘Green’ projects and products in a bid to save the environment. Global warming is on the rise, and one of the major causes is the accumulation of carbon dioxide gases in the atmosphere that traps heat, therefore, leading to rising global temperatures. One of the major contributors to the emission is cars on the road. Approximately 20% of all US carbon dioxide emissions are from cars ( In this regard, electric cars have been developed and well received by a number of environmental enthusiasts.

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Just as the technology in the lithium-ion batteries is advancing by the day the demand of the electric vehicle is slowly increasing and the number of models available to consumers broadening. For instance, Toyota has increased the number of models of electric hybrid cars to twelve. In the year 2012, Toyota reported having sold in the US a total of 327,413 cars and another 1.2 million globally ( Only 7% of American would buy electric vehicle, and 26% would consider doing so (

The uncertainty in demand is attributed to the fact that most people consider the electric cars to be low performers compared to the gasoline one. However, in order to save our environment from destruction, a step toward increasing the number of electric cars will be very beneficial. It is, therefore, crucial that the electric car manufacturers conduct further research on improving the viability and performance of the electric cars as they are the future.

AECOM. (2009). Economic Viability of Electric Vehicles. Department of Environment and Climate Change.

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