Vertical Jump

Vertical Jump

Vertical Jump

Vertical jump is an act of moving quickly off the ground by the help of the muscles in a vertical manner. It involves raising one’s center of gravity in a vertical manner with the help of the muscles. Here are two types of vertical jumps, these are: running vertical jump and motionless or stand still vertical jump.Running vertical jump is where someone makes out a vertical jump after running for a specified distance. While a stand still vertical jump is where someone makes out a vertical jump from an individual sport, without making any movement before jumping (Gerrish 59).

The best way of measuring vertical jump is at the field of athletics. Many games in the field of athletics are associated with vertical jumping, and examples of these games are basketball, football, netball and track and fields. Many supervisors, measure vertical jumps of their players during physical examinations. Is is because, the athletes during the game make vertical jumps according to the situation of the game.

There are three main ways of measuring vertical drops, and these are:
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The height of the athlete does not determine the value of his/her vertical jump. Is is evident from the values produced by some football players that are better than for some basketball players who are much taller than them. Basketball players have better vertical jumps values than the football players. The difference is brought about by the game type.

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