Vectorial Elevation – Interactive Art

Vectorial Elevation - Interactive Art

Vectorial Elevation – Interactive Art

Vectorial Elevation is an interactive art technique that was developed to allow participants to transform the sky over Vancouver, Canada. Vectorial Elevation was designed originally to celebrate the arrival of the New Year in Mexico City’s Zocalo square, in the year 2000. The website was created enabling internet users to create light figures using eighteen searchlights positioned around the square over the city’s momentous Centre.

Vectorial Elevation was created by an electronic artist called Rafael Lozano Hemmer who changed the capitals centers of participation. Rafael Lozano was born in 1967 in the city of Mexico. He later moved to Canada in 1985 to study in British Columbia at university of Victoria and then Concordia University. He is the son of Mexico City club owners who was drawn to science. Rafael Lozano is best known for creating theatrical installations in public spaces across Asia, Europe and America.

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The significance of Vectorial Elevation artwork is that it changed the way cities are lit during major events giving various artists a chance to create more advanced projections and videos based on the ideas from Vectorial Elevation. This art uses robotics, film projections, real time computer graphics, internet links, positional sound, cell phone interfaces and ultrasound and video sensors. Rafael’s installations seek to interrupt the more standardized urban state, by providing critical platforms for participation (Lozano-Hemmer).

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