Vascular Dementia

Vascular Dementia

Vascular Dementia.

Vascular Dementia: This is the most common type of dementia in older people. It leads to gradual loss of memory and cognitive abilities such as remembering, reasoning and organization. VaD results from reduced flow of blood to the brain because of a stroke.

There are two classes of VaD, Single-Infarct dementia and Multiple-Infarct dementia. Single-infarct results from a single stroke whereas multiple-infarct, which the most common dementia, is caused by numerous subtle strokes. The result of both types is a permanent brain damage.

In the world today there exists no treatment that can reverse brain damage. However, there are programs that can be followed to prevent the chances of future strokes as well as help improve the abilities impaired by the dementia.

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Even if you think they don’t understand, try communicating to them. They may not conceptualize what you mean but they will be reassure by your body language and voice (Jocelyn, Melinda and Jeanne, 2013).

In this program the activities to be carried out by the survivors are highlighted under the acronym “AFRESC”. You can arrange it in any way for easy memory. The activities explained will surely help improve the memory of the survivor.

For caregivers, the last five memory savers too are very helpful when you want effectiveness when helping your loved ones. However, always remember to show them you care, noise and fretting will on make them more confused and lower their self-esteem.


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