Values Essay

Values Essay

Values Essay

Social values are deeply held but often unconscious beliefs on how a society ought to be. Social values are experienced individually, but they are collectively influenced. The fact that they are collectively influenced makes them be referred as social. Social values have to be experienced in order to be felt.

What are two or three social values that guide your work as a community leader and participant? One social value that guides leaders is social justice. Social justice enables leaders to perform their duties as both leaders and participants of that society.

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These resources are then used to provide social amenities enjoyed by all the American. Roads are constructed by this money, and everyone has a right to use the road irrespective of whether they contributed towards its construction or not.

There is some money from taxes that are set for people who are jobless. Jobless people can always access such fund during the end of the month. The money is meant to enable them meet their monthly expenses that include foods expenses and rent expenses.

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