Value of Vertical Communication in Policing

Value of Vertical Communication in Policing

Value of Vertical Communication in Policing

Our ability to succeed in the ventures that we pursue be it at a personal or government level heavily relies on the policies that we put in place to help us achieve our set objectives.

The decision to carry on with some of the policies that we are often interested in pursuing is instrumental as well, because it determines the level of input that we commit to our goals.

One factor that is of great significance as well is communication, which is regarded as the most important wealth that human beings have. In a work environment, communication is particularly important whenever the heads of department are considering introducing a fresh policy.

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On the other hand, any policy that does not generate positive feedback is terminated and an alternative is sought. As previously indicated in this paper, communication is paramount and plays an important role in determining whether an implemented policy works.

The two forms of communication that are of great significance are vertical communication and horizontal communication. The next section focuses more on both vertical and horizontal communication and how the two affect any policing process.

This is majorly because it is only through communication that the heads of department can know what their employees think of the new policy. This essay seeks to shed more light on the significance of vertical as well as horizontal communication in any policy making process.

Similarly, the essay links both vertical and horizontal communication to the leadership and motivational theories, then assess the impacts of communication on the morale of employees.

Whichever model we decide to embrace in the course of our communicating with one another, one thing is clear that we should always respect and provide a response to the message being relayed by the other parties

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