Value of strategic human resource applications

Value of strategic human resource applications

Value of strategic human resource applications.

The business value of strategic human resource applications is independent on the type of business or company. I think the value of human resource applications is similar to any business or company because of the nature of function and roles that such applications play in the company.

Human resource function is common and familiar in all companies. Therefore, the value of strategic human resource management applications does not vary whether the company is consulting, professional services, or manufacturing.

This can also be explained through determining what human resource management application does for any given company. Human resource management application executes the functions of human resource management department via computer information system.

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Human resource management applications help companies in formalizing the processes of payroll, selection and evaluation. The functions of human resource hence consist of tracking employee capabilities, accomplishment, personal histories, skills, and salary among other employee data related to work.

Human resource management applications offers human resource management functions such as payroll processing, checking attendance and time, administration of employee benefits, carrying out a performance appraisal, hiring and recruitment, checking a record of performance, scheduling meetings and activities, self-service by employees, and managing absence (Armstrong, 2011).

In conclusion, every company or business requires the services and functions discussed above. Therefore irrespective of the nature or type of business or company, the value of strategic human resource applications is the same. It does not vary. Companies use the strategic human resource applications alike.


Armstrong, M. (2011). Armstrong’s handbook of strategic human resource management. London: Kogan Page.

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