Vaccination Wars

Vaccination Wars

Vaccination Wars

One of the most controversial and highly debated topics among contemporary parents, it revolves on whether they should vaccinate or not vaccinate their children. Both advocates and opponents on this issue argue that they have sufficient prove to support their position. Pro vaccination groups believe that vaccinations are critical in preventing childhood and adult diseases. They cite numerous studies that have affirmed that modern vaccines are safe.These studies also claim that modern vaccines ensure the safety of the populations through community immunity (Mintzer and Hagood 59).

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For instance, most of the parents believe that their refusal to vaccinate their kids won’t affect anybody, one of the women in the documentary wonders how she would endanger anybody by failing to vaccinate (Palfreman). The government ought to make vaccination compulsory for everybody, those who oppose vaccination should be forced to vaccinate in order to ensure the safety of the general public.

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