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There are many social network platforms used by businesses and companies, but there are contrasts between these social media platforms and why might organizations need to utilize every particular one? Contingent upon the industry some may work preferable for the company over others, yet companies accept that all organizations ought to be utilizing these top social networks as much as they can. Facebook which has over 903 million users is the biggest social network platform that is used by companies; Nintendo is no exception as they use this platform to interact with clients (Ahluwalia et al. 1999).

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Licensed innovation Rights” implies independently, by and large or in any mix, Proprietary Rights claimed, authorized or generally held by Nintendo that are connected with the improvement,, assembling, promoting, showcasing or offer of the Licensed Products, including, without confinement, (a) enlisted and unregistered trademarks and trademark applications utilized as a part of association, (b) select exchange dress connected with the NINTENDO GAMECUBE framework and authorized feature recreations for play consequently, (c) Proprietary Rights in the Security Technology utilized in the Games or Game Disks by Nintendo, (d) rights in the Development Devices for utilization in adding to the Games, barring, on the other hand, rights to utilize, join or copy select libraries, conventions and/or sound or realistic records connected with the Development Tools.

Ahluwalia, R., Unnava, H. R., & Burnkrant, R. E. (1999). Towards understanding the value of a loyal customer: An information-processing perspective. Cambridge, Mass: Marketing Science Institute.
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