Use of laughter in clinical psychology

Use of laughter in clinical psychology

Use of laughter in clinical psychology

This journal looks into the subject matter of humour in terms of its definition. It begins by describing why laughter is not frequently used in therapy. The three reasons it states are the under-estimation of the effectiveness of laughter in therapeutic treatments, difficulty in determining the source of laughter in some situations, and the difficulty in determining the time when a humorous situation will come up.

The article goes ahead and explains that humour is a direct expression of processes that take place unconsciously in the brain. The article also explains the therapeutic use of humour and laughter where a couple of examples are used to illustrate how the two concepts can be fruitful and backfire in therapeutic terms.

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Through this article, the author has been able to communicate to a large number of people who are in need of a therapy to reduce stress as a result of their daily activities. The author explains that people who use Laughter Yoga psychologically and physically benefit from it.

In the study of use of laughter in clinical psychology, this article will provide useful information regarding the use of laugher, as a therapy, outside the clinical setup. It is clear that laughter is a therapy that is used in a wide range of environments because of the effectiveness of its therapeutic characteristic.

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