Use of laughter in clinical psychology

Use of laughter in clinical psychology

Use of laughter in clinical psychology

Laughter is a physical reaction in human beings that creates contraction of the diaphragm and other parts of the respiratory system. It is part of human behavior that is controlled by the brain. Laughter helps individuals clarify their intentions while interacting with others and providing emotional texts during conversations. The study of laughter and humor and its psychological effects is known as gelotology.

Humor has been found to be a positive tool for building and enhancing communication. In education, it enhances the learning process for students and advances the knowledge base. In therapy, it is used to reduce tension for clients and increase trust in the therapist relationship (Dziegielewski, Jacinto, Laudadio, & Legg-Rodriguez, 2004, p. 74).

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The Yoga exercise produces an immediate and powerful effect on the physiology of human beings. Stress contributes a factor of at least 90% in all diseases. Laughter is the easiest method of exhaling longer. The exercise flushes the lungs and signals the body to produce stress hormones.

This exercise promotes good health, helps the increase blood flow to the brain system and helps the body to release endorphins. Thus, laughter could be said as a factor that prevents diseases and contributes to the cure of many diseases. Indeed, it is an important exercise in the field of clinical psychology (T, Whitley, MSW, & LCSW, 2008, p. 20).

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