Usage of Customer cards

Usage of Customer cards

Usage of Customer cards

Customer cards have become popular among shoppers in Vienna. Use of customer cards is preferable in the city as it makes shopping easy. One does not have to carry hard cash. A shopper can visit stores or outlets for services.

The most common is the Vienna Card that offers discounts for public transport in Vienna, Museums among others. Holders of Vienna Card are entitled to discounts in coffee houses, selected restaurants, Imperial Palace, and wine taverns. Vienna Card is ideal for shoppers and visitors in the city.

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Discounts for local attractions range between ten to twenty percent. In restaurants or shops, the card waives from 5 to 15 Euros off the bill. With Vienna Card, cannot worry about different fares, travel cost or transport zones while in Vienna. The discount is higher as after a customer uses more than five discount opportunities. Cochran has a contrary view from that of Butscher and Duffy.

Cochran defended his argument by giving the Tesco example in which the organization has been able to sign in 14 million new customers. However, Rowley has a contrary view and claim that organizations use other techniques to identify and turn those customers that are not loyal to be loyal. For instance, Starbucks in Vienna has successively managed to establish customer loyalty by using price strategy rather than engaging in loyalty cards.

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