USA health care system issues

USA health care system issues

USA health care system issues

Demand for affordable and effective health care in the United States is on the rise. Health care policy makers have to address issues in healthcare such as the aging population, increasing burden of chronic conditions and an increase in health care cost.

According to a research conducted across developed countries in the world. Health care in the US is ranked position 22 out of 27 high income countries on the basis of resources spend in extending lives in the country (Feldstein, 2011, p. 55).

The low score is as a result of spending efficiency, the price of health care is high, but the rate of returns of health care the investment is low. US health care is ranked the second position due to high cost of health care delivery on the cost per capita.

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About 40 million people in the country are uninsured due to the increased cost of health care premiums.

All preventive care in the country are underutilized, which increases the cost to treat chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and depression (Kullgren, McLaughlin, Mitra & Armstrong, 2012, p. 472).

Health care delivery in the US is conducted by professional health care providers who offer a patient- oriented treatment, timely, safe and effective care towards patients as a way of improving health care in the country.

However, health care is becoming unsustainable due to increased cost of insurance premiums, which is beyond the financial ability of a large part of the population.

This has led to increased pressure to local and federal government to increase the allocation of resources towards health care (Schoen, Osborn, Squires & Doty, 2013, p. 2208).

Health care in the US has failed to meet set standards among developed countries in the world. This is as a result of increase in the number of people who are uninsured, due to affordability posing a threat to a large part of the population.


Feldstein, P. (2011). Health care economics. Cengage Learning.

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