US and UK Culture Analysis

US and UK Culture Analysis

US and UK Culture Analysis.

US and UK Culture Analysis: Hofstede Centre is a website that give the user outline and understanding of Hofstede’s research and that of his allies in understanding organizational and national culture in the world.

The website also offer online survey for the purpose of evaluating personal score using Hofstede’s dimension.  In this paper I will analyze, compare and contrast cultural dimension in the United States of America and United Kingdom.

When evaluating the culture of the people of the US using the 6-D model one obtains a deep overview of the American culture and its driving factors in relation to other cultures around the world.

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the American society is higher than that of the UK. People in the US society have a higher level of the unknown situation of the future and develop techniques to avoid uncertainty.  The level of pragmatism in the UK is much higher than that of the US. Pragmatism explains the phenomena in life that can’t be explained their complexity (Kulas, Thompson & Anderson, 2011, p. 250).

Most of the cultural way of people in the US and the UK are similar making it easy for businesses to communicate effectively between the two countries. However, the business have to overcome the pragmatism and uncertainty barriers to effective operate in these two countries.

The high level of individualism in the two countries is related to the high level of national income which is good for the business in both countries.


 Hofstede, G. (2013). The hofstede centre. URL: http://geert-hofstede. com/china. html. Accessed on, 6.

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