Urbanization:I selected the book Sustainable Urbanization: Bridging the Green and Brown Agendas for my study on urbanization. The book is based on the analysis of key issues and trends that have been affecting the world since the first world summit on sustainable development in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. This world summit emphasized on urbanization as being at the core of sustainable development. According to this book, the world will experience the last stage of irreversible transformation of human society to a predominantly urbanized world. Coupled with accelerating globalization, it results to major changes in the patterns of production and consumption. This book examines wide variety of initiatives and solutions that cities are forging to meet these challenges. By focusing on what is being done and what has not been done at the local, national and global level to ensure sustainable urbanization, this book contributes to supporting the implementation of Agenda 21.

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Limited resources are the reasons for conflict and urbanization could be a cause of environmental conflict. Urban poverty is an issue that many experts do not focus on when analyzing it. The environmental effect has been addressed by many experts and so far there have been changes in urban planning. It is evident from my sources that urban areas offer better life as compared to rural areas but to ensure that life is sustainable, environmental factors have to be considered

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