Urban planning in Dubai

Urban planning in Dubai

Urban planning in Dubai

Urban planning in Dubai; Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates. It exists as a city-state; within an emirate bearing the same name (Thomas 12).
This is bearing in mind that Dubai has grown to become one of the leading business, cultural development centers as well as a tourism destination in the Middle East (Farley, Eric & Katharina 72). The whole of Persian Gulf nowadays looks at Dubai as the primary business, cultural as well as tourism development center.

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For starters, the city of Dubai has developed regarding infrastructure, bearing in mind that its foundation was built on the wealth of oil. However, this has not failed to attract developers from within and without the UEA coming into this country supplementing this wealth with resources to build it to what it is today (Kanna 42).

On top of that, the UAE government seeks to improve the outlook as well as the way of life of every resident of this city through a project that has been dubbed “Dubai 2020 Urban Master Plan”. The primary objective of this plan is developing Dubai through integrated land use, to provide affordable housing and also better community facilities in all sectors (Ramos, 142).

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