Unresolved Problems Of The Modern World – WAR

Unresolved Problems Of The Modern World - WAR

Unresolved Problems Of The Modern World – WAR

Disputes and disagreements are common phenomena in the human societies. Every day people, parties, and groups get into disagreements over various issues. It is because these individuals and groups vary in their beliefs and reasoning. Decent disagreement are done in a peaceful manner where arguments are based on reasons and facts. However, not all people and groups in the modern world are decent.

There are those who choose to resolve conflicts and disagreements by fighting either physically or verbally. Physical fights are referred to as wars. In human history, great wars took place, and they resulted to the loss of lives and property. The Second World War is the deadliest fight that has ever taken place.

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Wars cause the psychological and physical disturbance of human beings. When societies fight, innocent people usually seek refuge in neighbouring societies with peace. They are forced to live in harsh condition because of lack of peace in their countries. Children of the affected societies cannot go to school, and the entire society is psychologically disturbed.

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