Universal healthcare

Universal healthcare

Universal healthcare.

Universal healthcare has varying effects in various countries, where in some it has been successful and in some it has not yet achieved its primary objectives.

The idea has had its advantages and disadvantages in the U.S. Universal healthcare involves the government catering for medical bills for its citizens. All countries that practice the program cater for all the citizens, except for the U.S.A.

The money used for the healthcare is collected from premiums paid by the workers, as well as some additional by the government from the revenue it gets. It is evidently clear that universal healthcare has more advantages than disadvantages.

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standards cannot invest in the sector. In addition, the insurance sector in the health sector is discouraged from the program. Some people  also feel exploited by paying for the bills of other people since they take long before  getting ill. The USA federal government has failed in implementing the universal healthcare in its country due to flaws in the management. However, this disadvantage is authentic to the US.

Despite the disadvantages, it is generally agreeable that the universal healthcare program is much significant to the countries in which it is practice.

This is because there has been noted increased health statuses among the people in the countries in which the program is being practiced, thereby leading to an increase in the economic development as well as other aspects within the society. Therefore, the universal healthcare is recommendable to all countries.

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