Universal Health Care

Universal Health Care

Universal Health Care.

Universal health care is a model for offering health services to citizens involving the participation of a government in meeting the financial costs. The coverage is commonly implemented through compulsory insurance schemes for citizens paid by the government.

There are several ways used to raise funds for such among them taxation of the citizens, community-based health insurance and private insurance among others. Health care in the United States is mainly supporte through insurance policies.

These policies are pay for by individuals, their employers, and in other cases the government pays a cost in ensuring all individuals access health care. The aim of universal healthcare is to ensure that several individuals, regardless of their financial ability, access health services.

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by using alternative funding such as using social health insurance.  Moreover, the healthcare should be accessible to all citizens and of a quality that makes the course worth it. It should be portable allowing individuals access it regardless of their residence or job (Javors, 1).

There is also a need to make universal healthcare comprehensive. This means it covers effectively several ailments at the best costs possible. Universal healthcare ought to be viewe as a communal act and not an individual responsibility.

A healthy nations strengthens the social, political and economic systems of a society leading to a better economy and a more stable society. Therefore, universal healthcare is a concept that ought to be promote and improved.

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