United States Health Care System

United States Health Care System

United States Health Care System.

United States Health Care System: In the discussion of health care systems in the United States and Canada, the Canadian system is argued that it is more effective and efficient than in the United States. The Canadian health care system is poised as fully public funded, while the U.S. system has a multi-player system full of private sector players.

Though the two countries are portrayed as culturally similar in terms of practice, in a vote of confidence to the Canadian system, it seems it achieves more for less; with a universal access to health care for its population, while the majority of the Americans are uninsured or underinsured.

Canada spends approximately 10.4% of its GDP on health as comparable to 16% spent by the United States annually, surprisingly; Canada offers better health care than the United States especially when infant mortality rates

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This measure seeks to evaluate the condition in which service providers’ care for patients. This measure is important to be able to evaluate the ratio of service providers to patients.

Canada and United States have progressed efficiently in the health sector. The United States having implemented a mixed approach of both public and private participators, different interests have to be satisfied.

Therefore, the United States federal government, the public and the private sector need to harmonize solutions on health care services that are geared towards universal coverage.


Gerard, W. (2008). National Health Insurance in the United States and Canada: Race, Territory, and the Roots of Difference. Georgetown: Georgetown University Press.

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