United Health Group (UNH), Health Care Sector

The healthcare sector involves a classification of stock, which are associated to healthcare and medical goods and services. It includes biotechnology, hospital management firms, and Health maintenance organizations, among other medical products.

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A financial Model is necessary because it helps managers achieve their set financial goals and objectives. A financial model is also required for analysis purposes. Financial models are associated to many advantages such as, they provide quick solutions, graphics are produced to make the results clearer, the model is easy to share, and finally because of its consistency in results Managers should be able to distinguish between Responsibility Accounting and The Balanced Scorecard (McIntosh, 2012).

Yazbeck, A., & World Bank. (2009). Attacking inequality in the health sector: A synthesis of evidence and tools. Washington, DC: World Bank.

McIntosh, T. J. (2012). The sector strategist: Using new asset allocation techniques to reduce risk and improve investment returns. Hoboken, N.J: John Wiley & Sons.

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