Unit Plan Overview

Unit Plan Overview

Unit Plan Overview.

Unit Plan Overview: The unit is planning to teach in future health in grade 11 and am planning to expound on the Alcohol, tobacco and other drug about in the society. I have the necessary information to assist most of students who are in high school in building a better and safe community which is conducive for learning.

The unit will sensitize students on the different drugs that are abused by most of their peers and get to inform them on the impact of the drug abuse on once social and cognitive life.

During the lesson activities, I will stress on the importance of collaboration and encourage them to collaborate with each other and students organize themselves as community learners and get teachers involved in the team work.

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This will assist in setting a high order target in the classroom.  There are several TESA behaviors that can be used to enhance the expectation of teachers in order for students to be successful.

Ensuring that all students participate in the classroom by randomly selecting students and enable students to get a chance to respond and stay focused during the learning process. Application of mediation is a crucial source of reducing conflict and bridge the gap between the teacher and students. Mediation will assist the teacher to achieve and accomplish the unit objectives.

Educational programs in schools include developing knowledge on students, inducing and promoting social justice, enhance collaboration among students and other teachers, meet the need of students which is diverse and transform inquiring into practice.

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