Unhealthy eating habits as a cause of obesity

Unhealthy eating habits as a cause of obesity

Unhealthy eating habits as a cause of obesity

According to Pinhas-Hamiel et al., (2002), in their study found that Iron deficiency is one of the common causes of obesity and overweight in children. Inadequate iron intake in the diet could be as a result of the total lack of intake of iron or iron intake that is relatively lower that body mass requirements.

Bhargava & Guthrie (2002) in their feasibility studies among American minority populations assert that the amount of energy obtained from monounsaturated and saturated are an indicator of increased body weight as well hip and waist circumference. Parenting styles has been linked with child obesity (Arredondo 2006).

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According to Apovian (2004), sugar-sweetened drinks in the U.S contribute 7.1% of energy input, a proportion that represent the largest single-calorie source in the diet coincidentally leading to rise in obesity as well as type 2 diabetes. Immigrants mainly come from countries with low rate of obesity but due to lifestyle and dietary change in U.S; they face a higher risk of being obese obesity

Arredondo, E. M., Elder, J. P., Ayala, G. X., Campbell,, N., Baquero, B., & Duerksen, S. (2006). Is parenting style related to children’s healthy eating and physical activity in Latino families? Health Education Research, 21(6), 862-871. Retrieved from http://her.oxfordjournals.org/content/21/6/862.full

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