Understanding Business Research Terms and Concepts

Understanding Business Research Terms and Concepts

Understanding Business Research Terms and Concepts

Quantitative data collection instruments

Business Research Terms and Concepts: Quantitative data refers to information that is measured in numbers and expressed as numbers. It is that kind of data that are usually expressed as ranges, percentages and averages and can be presented in graphs or tables. Quantitative data is measured using various tools such as surveys or questionnaires, interviews and standardized tests (Taylor, 2005).

Surveys or questionnaires

These are instruments that are used for collecting quantitative data in survey research. They normally include a set of standardized questions that aims t exploring a specific topic as well as collecting information about opinions, demographics, behaviors or attitudes (Taylor, 2005).

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Surveys provide a broad perspective hence a good way of collecting a large volume or amount of data. Surveys can be administered by mail, face to face, by telephone or electronically. Popular programs that aid creation of online surveys are Poll Everywhere, Google Forms and Survey Monkey (Taylor, 2005).  Electronically administered and mail surveys have a wide reach, maintains privacy, standardizes information, and relatively cheaper to administer.

However, they require literate target group, have low response rate, and cannot investigate issues to a great depth. Since surveys are self-reported by participants, the responses may be biased in case the issues being investigated are sensitive. The surveys that are used should, therefore, be tested for psychometric properties (reliability and validity) with the target group that will complete them.

Taylor, G. R. (2005). Integrating quantitative and qualitative methods in research. Lanham, Md: University Press of America.

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