Since the 1990s until 2004, Oligarchic clans under President Leonid Kuchma dominated the political scene of Ukraine. Oligarchic clans were a group of wealthy businesspersons and influential politicians, mainly based in southern and Eastern Ukraine that offered much support to the president. As a former Prime Minister and a chief opposition official, Viktor Yushchenko was a pro-western figure .

Viktor Yanukovych was later pronounced the winner by Ukraine’s election body.The frauds and voter bribery led to thousands of the Ukrainians to hold massive protests . The protesters blocked all the government buildings and called to the supreme court of Ukraine to nullify the entire election.

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It also adopted a democratic constitution that mandates pluralistic political system with the presidential system of government .The current Constitution of Ukraine is also based on the 1996 text. The parliament of Ukraine popularly referred to as Verkhovna Rada consists of 45o members. This members are required to serve for a term of four years. Before 2006, half of the legislators were elected by a proportional presentation.

In Ukraine, the overall trust placed on the powers of the parliament is very low .The political system of the Ukraine consists of a framework of a multiparty system and a presidential representative democratic republic. The cabinet exercises the executive powers. Ukraine’s political system as often been referred to as fractured, ideologically vacuous, weak, and highly personal by many scholars, while the judiciary and the media shy off to hold the politicians accountable.

Work Cited
Boesler, Matthew. “POLITICAL SYSTEM OF UKRAINE– UKRAINE AFTER ELECTIONS.” Journal of Transformation (2007).

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