Types of Reinforcement

Types of Reinforcement

Types of Reinforcement

Types of Reinforcement:Reinforcement refers to a process that strengthens and increases the probability of a response. It increases the likelihood of the response of a person, an animal or an activity. It influences and controls the behavior of a person or an animal. The effectiveness of reinforcement is measured by the degree in which it influences the behavior of a person. Reinforcement is an effective tool that can be used to modify the behaviors of individuals especially children. The age of children is suitable for reinforcement as the children are in the early stages of learning, and their uptake for information is fast and easy. For example, one can encourage good behavior in his or her child by rewarding the child for the exemplary behavior. Deplorable behavior in children can be discouraged by punishing children for the bad behavior. This papers will focus on the different types of reinforcement and a scenario in which reinforcement can be applied to remedy the bad behavior of a child.

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In conclusion, Billy’s mother should also serve as a role model and use appropriate language in her conversations. Through observational learning, Billy will take after his mother and start using appropriate language while conversing. Observational learning is important as a child imitates the behavior of the role model, and it is vital the role model behaves accordingly.

Siegel, A., & Cara, F. (1970). The effects of different types of reinforcement on young children’s incidental learning. Pittsburgh, Pa.: University of Pittsburgh, Learning Research and Development Center.

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