Type A and B Personalities

Type A and B Personalities

Type A and B Personalities.

Type A and B Personalities: Different people have different personality trails. Some of the traits expose a person more to stress and other health issues while other help them to deal with stressing issues more comfortably.

A, B, and AB are among the most common personality traits among many people. Individuals with these personalities handle stress differently. There are different characteristics that portray personality type depending on how individuals behave under stress.

People with A personality are exposed to health issues when they undergo a through stressing life situations. These people are competitive and self critical in almost everything they partake. They really enjoy what they do hence they are faced with

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This exerts less pressure on them hence they are not likely to be affected by stress. They know how to control their lives hence they are at a lower risk of heart diseases and other issues that arise from pressures of life (Meyer, 1996).

On taking the glazer stress control lifestyle questionnaire, I realized I am more of type B personality. I have control over most of the things that I do and I do not allow pressures to overwhelm my situation.

Although sometimes I am impatient with failure to achieve within the set limits of time, I manage to enjoy my work without a competitive attitude. So far I manages most of life situations and therefore, I am not at a risk of getting heart diseases and blood pressure that is stirred up by stress.


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