Tyco International

Tyco International

Tyco International.

Tyco International: It is almost automatic that the corporate culture of Tyco was responsible for the scandal. The company had adopted a decentralized corporate structure that made it difficult to monitor individual behavior, and company financial dealings or finances.

Subsequently, this corporate structure made it impossible for board members and investors to detect and identify unethical behavior within the company’s top management.

From an early start, the company had adopted a culture of extravagance and risk-taking such that when Dennis Kozlowski joined the company, he was socialized into the extravagant and lavish lifestyle under the tutelage of the former CEO Joseph Gaziano.

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his actions at Tyco and is still seeking appeals for his sentence simply because he feels he did not do anything wrong.

From Kozlowski’s point of view, the large bonuses he appropriated for his personal gain were justified since the company remained profitable and shareholders were satisfied with the performance. In fact, the company only recorded poor performance after the scandal broke, and not while he was still CEO.

In my opinion, I think Kozlowski feels his actions were justified since without his ambition to acquire and live an extravagant and lavish lifestyle, Tyco would not have had the opportunity to scale the height of profitability as it did during his tenure. Moreover, he believes he deserved the benefits and becoming the highest paid CEO at the time for his hard work in the acquisitions that made Tyco profitable.


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