Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication:The above term refers to the process by which a system verifies or confirms the identity of a user who intends to access it (Thomas & Stoddard, 2011). Because access control is usually based on the identity of a user or individual who requests access to a particular resource, authentication is important to effective security. The process may be implemented by the use of credentials; these includes the use of passwords and user ID. Alternatively, authentication can be implemented through the utilization of smart cards or authentication servers (Todorov, 2008).

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The VShell license editions permitting a lower number of concurrent connections have a lower price than editions allowing more concurrent connections (Vandyke, 2008). These license editions include the administrator, workgroup, and enterprise editions, and their prices ranges from 249 dollars to 99 dollars. The major weakness for this software is the high prices (the cost the VShell enterprise edition can go as high as 1,399 dollars depending on the number of updates).

EMC. (2013, February 26). RSA Transforms Enterprise Authentication with Big Data-Driven Risk Analytics. Retrieved from

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