TV invention

TV invention

TV invention

TV invention:Television (TV) is a device that transmits information in form of sound and image by converting them to electrical waves and when they get to the receiver they are converted back to sounds and images. TV invention was started back in the 18thand 19th centuries by great scientists and inventors. Evolution of television was enabled by many people, some working together and others alone for a long period of time. Before TV was invented, printing press was the major way of communication for a long time followed by telegraph. The invention of a radio became more popular as it was easier to use and made use of telegraphs to fade. Telephone invention followed in line as the fastest way of communication between people over long distances. Later TV became the best form of mass-communication technology.

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People can see and hear what is going on in other parts of the world right from their sitting rooms so long as they have this device that took inventors years to develop. TV is a source of employment for many TV dealers. TV manufactures and repairers earn their incomes from TV invention. Today, it has become a necessity for every home. In business, it has been used as a tool for promoting products and services whereas in politics it is the best means to use for sharing information with the citizens. Fathers and pastors are using TV to air the word of God to as many people as possible across the world. The world cannot do without TV; it would be many miles behind if the efforts to develop these devices had not been supported. That is why a monument of Farnsworth has been built to recognize his dedication to TV invention.

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