Turkeys in the Kitchen reflective essay

Turkeys in the Kitchen reflective essay

Turkeys in the Kitchen reflective essay.

Turkeys in the Kitchen reflective essay: The article, “Turkeys in the Kitchen,” is an article written by Dave Barry, who was born in Armonk, New York in 1947. His present career is working as a humorist but has also worked as a reporter and as a business writing consultant.

In this work he has majored on the stereotype in the present generation in regard to gender role and ignorance of the males when it comes to work in the kitchen.

The habit has grown to be a common trait among all men with families and the author has stressed his skill in humor to put across his major arguments alongside the insights based on the observation of the daily life activities.

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the football season since their undivided attention is concentrate in football which makes them useless in family duties. I now have managed to relook into the activities that happen in the thanksgiving season and analyze the behavior of people during the time.

It is enlightening to break away from ignorance and rethink of what goes on in our environment from a broader perspective in terms of human habits. It is also important to overcome the stereotypes that people have in regard to sexual activity and gender roles in the family.

Men are poor in the kitchen and should be taught by their female counterparts. Their spouses should also drop the thought that men have matching skill in the kitchen which is very untrue. (Barry)


Barry, Dave. “Turkeys in the Kitchen.” Humor collections : Miami Herald (1995): 72-5.

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