Truthfulness in Photography

Truthfulness in Photography

Truthfulness in Photography

Truthfulness in Photography:A photograph refers to an image that is created when light falls on a light-sensitive surface. On the other hand, photography is art, science and the practice where durable images are created when light is recorded using image sensors or using other light-sensitive materials such photographic film. (Hanet, p.12).

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As far as photography is concerned, truth refers to reality. Accurate picture is that which presents an object the same way it appears in the real world. This, of course, means without changing anything. A true picture refers to that which portrays authentic colors, distances, emotions, and situations. But this is not what happens when in photography.

There is much to consider as far as truthfulness in photography is concerned. The fact that people preserve pictures for memories shows that they believe that whatever is in the pictures is true. Pictures are used in newspapers in order to elucidate various stories.

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