Trends in Healthcare Management in the United States

Trends in Healthcare Management in the United States

Trends in Healthcare Management in the United States.

Trends in Healthcare Management in the United States: The three financial sources enabled the US government to allocate a fairly high fraction of the GDP to health services compared to other countries albeit existence of inequality matters in accessing healthcare services (Katherine 2007).

In this particular year, US spent a total of 2,320 billion dollars on healthcare, as well as $7,600 per capita in relation to a 307 million population, and a 16.8% GDP in relation to total GDP of 13,800 billion dollars.

A fraction totaling to 68 of this money was used in physician services, hospital nursing, and the purchase of drugs and medical products, further outlined in the following table:

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multi-functional talents and experience to assist them survive in a difficult environment. Whilst reimbursement is generally reducing, expected long lifespan, together with raised incidences of severe conditions and obesity, are leading to an increase in the number of patients.

Since 2012, professional and effective financial managers with the capability to manage costs and dispense suitable patient care are in demand with projections of an increased demand in the future.

In the coming years, most organizations will turn their attention on an overall patient care sustainability and adhering processes and recorded proofs of results of the cycle of revenues which is a major aspect in attaining best health care and optimum reimbursement.


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