Stress is a bothering factor in the lives of many individuals. Travelling can provide relaxation of both body and mind. Travelling involves clearance of the mind because of the new experiences one gets. Taking a walking tour or getting involved in an outdoor activity can be very good for the body. The benefits of travelling can only be attained when all work related activities are left behind. One’s business cannot just collapse because of, for instance, taking two days’ vacation.

The health aspects of a holiday can be achieved within the two days (White, Joshua & Susan Griffith 4). Even or the busiest people it is not that difficult to get a two-day break. Travelling can be included in one’s work schedule. This can be in terms of monthly or weekly schedule. When an issue arises which inconveniences the vacation one should inform whoever is interfering that there is a busy schedule on that day.

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The statue towers over the city. For individuals who are looking for Jungle trekking, the best place they can visit is Manaus, which is the gateway to the region of Amazon. For individuals who are interested with exploring the arid areas, they can visit Brazil condos located near Salvador or Brasilia. Mountain regions are enormous where individuals interested with trekking can visit (Fontes, Justine &Ron 32).

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