Traveling Madness by Ana Menendez

Traveling Madness by Ana Menendez

Traveling Madness by Ana Menendez.

Traveling Madness by Ana Menendez: The Social Concept of Self-Awareness as Relates to Ana Menendez’s Traveling Madness. Ana Menendez is a journalist and an ardent scholar. She was born in 1970 and grew up in Florida after her parents had fled from Cuba in 1964 during the Cuban Revolution.

Her family having first settled in Los Angeles, California, Menendez could not speak any other language apart from Spanish until she enrolled in Kindergarten.

However, she later moved with her family to Florida where she attended high school and thereafter joined Florida International University from where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts in 1992. Her story Traveling Madness basically involves four main characters who are all “dreamers”.

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are driven by the need to leave home and pursue things that they can never have back at home. Eventually, when they fail to satisfy their needs through their various schemes, they frustrated, conflicted and stressed out; some even end up dead.

What they fail to realize is that each great man is unique (Demetriou and Kazi 318-9). Ana Menendez story underlines the proposition that self-awareness, though utterly integral in personal progress, is not always desirable.

Admittedly, the author presents her main characters as knowledgeable of the fact that all people are different. With different dreams and fates. Nonetheless, none of the character is able to use his sense of self-awareness to redeem himself from the throes of destitution that communism has plunged him.

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