Transgender Individuals

Transgender Individuals

Transgender Individuals

For the purpose of this transgender assignment paper, transgender individuals will be defined as individuals who fall in the category of cross dressers. These are individuals that put on clothes of individuals that are a different gender from theirs. Transgender also refers to individuals that are considered “queer” since they might act and feel as if they are individuals of the gender that is opposite to theirs. Such individuals are highly likely to get reassignment surgery. So that they feel comfortable in their own skin for whom they feel they really are.

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Jenner expressed that when he revealed that he wanted to change his gender, those that he expected the most support did not accord it to him. He had expected that his former wife, children and step children would be there for him. I used this story which has been in public media because I had personally thought that Jenner’s family members and close friends would support him.

Beemyn, Genny and ‎Susan Rankin. The Lives of Transgender People. Columbia University
Press.2013. Print.

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