Toxic Waste Containment or Disposal

Toxic Waste Containment or Disposal

Toxic Waste Containment or Disposal.

Toxic Waste Containment or Disposal: The leading environmental and public health concern in the world today is toxic waste and how to contain or dispose it. Notably, faced by impending effects of global warming as well as huge healthcare costs, countries around the world are currently spending millions of financial resources to find a lasting solution to this problem.

To this effect, the modern day toxic waste management framework has adopted a four pronged approach that include strategies such as waste minimization; waste recycling; waste treatment and the collecting, transference and disposal of waste using environmentally healthy and safe methods.

These strategies work together to ensure an all-round management of the toxic wastes. This paper discusses each of these strategies and how they are contributing to the containment and disposal of toxic wastes.

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debate regarding its impact on marine life. As such, waste disposal at sea is controlled largely by international and national laws which prohibit the dumping of extremely toxic wastes such as halogenated organics, cadmium, organic silicon compounds, carcinogenic waste and mercury and its compounds.

The last method of waste disposal is underground disposal which is mainly used to dispose radioactive wastes though it also subject to national and international environmental protection laws.

This paper has discussed extensively discussed the four main approaches used to contain and dispose waste materials. These range from waste minimization to collection transportation and ultimate disposal of toxic wastes.

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