Tourism Research and essay

Tourism Research and essay

Tourism Research and essay

Leonardo da Vinci was born on 15th April 1452, in Vinci which was Republic of Florence and currently in Italy and died on 2nd May 1519. He was an Italian draftsman, painter, architect, sculptor, and engineer whose intelligence, characterized the Renaissance humanist model. His Mona Lisa (1503–06) and last supper (1495–98) are among his widely and influential popular paintings of the Renaissance. (Levenstein, 1998). His inventions disclose a character of scientific query and a mechanical initiative that were centuries in advance of their occasion.

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Leonardo da Vinci put into practice his multi-form mastermind to so many different areas starting from painting to engineering, from studies of anatomy to the principles of flight, that has made him become the role model of homo universalist. Of Greek-Roman origin, this concept was drawn on by humanist and Renaissance culture, and significantly explains an intellectual who prospered in a variety of theoretical and practical scientific fields and artistic.

Benfield, R. W. (2012). Garden tourism. Wallingford: CABI.

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